Reach HIPAA compliance with Platinum Backup

Platinum Backup can help medical services, practitioners and other organizations reach HIPAA compliance for secure off-site storage of electronic records.

HIPAA background

As you know, in 1996, Congress enacted the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The legislative goals of HIPAA were to mandate the industry to implement procedures to reduce the administrative costs of healthcare, develop standard transactions for consistency in the industry, promote security and confidentiality of patient records and to provide incentive for the healthcare industry to use electronic communications to make patient records available no matter where the patient was being treated – a process that takes days with manual records – and particularly useful in emergencies. All health care providers, insurance providers, health care clearinghouses or health plans that electronically maintains or transmits health information pertaining to an individual must comply with HIPAA regulations.

One of the HIPAA mandates requires those in the healthcare industry to have an off-site backup of critical data and a contingency plan to access this data.

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