How to fix Office 2016 when it cannot open attachments?

File – Options – Trust Center – Trust Center Settings button

Protected View

UNCHECK Enabled Protected View for files originating from the internet

CHECK Enabled Protected View for files located in potentially unsafe locations

UNCHECK Enabled Protected View for Outlook attachments

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When I boot my system I see two boot options.

windows server 2012- current os

  1. windows server secondary plex.


  1. Start with option “Windows server 2012 – secondary plex”
  2. Login as Administrator
  3. Start Disk Management (right click on Start and choose Disk management)
  4. You’ll see Failed Redundancy, if both Read more
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How to Disable Exchange email for one domain user – Windows Exchange SBS 2003

For SBS 2003, go into AUDC, right-click, Exchange tasks, remove Exchange attributes. That will strip the mailbox from the user account. The mailbox will remain, but unowned until the retention time has been met, which by default is 30 Read more

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